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What is Information and Service Management?

ISM graduates have broad career prospects in the modern data-driven market. Information and Service Management consists of 3 specialisation tracks, from which students can take courses from one or many of the tracks. Graduates of ISM are employed in consulting and IT and have some of the highest starting salaries of all business majors. ISM studies are summarized effectively on the Aalto website.

Information Systems

The focus is on managing and developing business processes using information systems and networks, as well as IT project management and IT project implementation.

Topics include strategic management of information technology, digital services, IT enabled platforms, and use of IT, as well as software business and their strategic applications.

Business Analytics

The focus is on managing and analysing the rapidly growing volume and variety of data available, to be utilized for business, technology and competitive intelligence.

Managerial themes of the resulting data-driven decision-making include consumer analyses in traditional and digital markets, risk control (e.g. financial risk management), and effective utilisation of new technologies for developing and launching new products and services. 

Supply Chain Management

The focus is on the capabilities to manage and develop companies’ production, distribution, supply, purchasing and service operations.

Topics include supply chain management in various operating environments, service development and operations, inventory management models and policies, quality management and different business models. 

Why you should study Information and Service Management

Great courses

The direct work-life applicability of skills gained during ISM courses makes ISM courses interesting and highly motivating.

High salary

Data is the new oil and ISM creates data fluent people. This is visible in ISM graduates salary, which is among the top majors in yearly graduate surveys year through year.

Relaxed atmosphere

Hate suits? Love suits? You can choose. The IT sector welcomes people regardless of their style choices.

Interesting career

ISM gives a skillset that can be taken anywhere in the world to solve any business case.

Respected major

Employment among ISM graduates at the time of graduation is 95% and the majority of ISM students have a long career already even before graduating.

Skills that stand the test of time

Automation making you nervous? Become an expert in the sector making other sectors smaller.

What is Aalto ISM?

Aalto ISM is the association for students studying Information and Service Management in their Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees, in addition to people interested in the intersection of business and technology.

Our mission is to organise interesting and inspiring events, study trips and excursions to bring students closer to top technology and consulting companies as well as to like-minded students.

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For Companies

Aalto ISM can help your company reach skilled students and recent graduates in business analytics, information systems, and logistics and service management. The interdisciplinary background of the degree programmes gives our members a wide perspective about how to manage the ever growing supply of information and latest technology. We offer multiple ways of reaching and engaging with our members.


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The Board of Aalto ISM

Meet and connect with the team behind the magic. We’re always open for new possibilities.

Janina PaasilaChair
Toni NiemiVice Chair
Raoul CasaoTreasurer

Viktor MusijenkoAcademic Relations
Helmi NikulaCorporate Relations
Jenna KonttilaCorporate Relations
Muzaddid AhmedEvents Coordinator
Mikael BlinnikkaCommunications Coordinator
Ida NagyArt Director
Nico BymanSenior Advisor

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