Additional General Meeting Invitation

Additional General Meeting 3.8.2022 18:00-18:20 @ Zoom

Dear Aalto BT ry member,

The Board of Aalto BT is happy to invite you all to our Additional General Meeting. The general assembly has the highest decision-making power in our association. All members of Aalto BT have the right to vote and voice your opinions on the club’s most important matters. 

The General Assembly will take place on Zoom. Please find the detailed agenda attached here. The meeting will be held in English.

In brief, we will officially announce the resignation of the previous Event Coordinator and elect a new Events Coordinator for the current board of 2022.

There is still time until 31.7. to apply for Event Coordinator position or you can also announce your interest in the meeting.

Join Zoom Meeting.

Come, let your voice be heard and affect your subject club’s future!

Best regards,
Aalto BT ry

Aalto ISM ry on nyt Aalto BT ry / Aalto ISM ry is now Aalto BT ry

In English below.

Hei opiskelija/yhteistyötaho/yrityskumppani/alumni!

Aalto Information and Service Management ry (Aalto ISM) on kevätkokouksessaan 6.4. äänestänyt yhdistyksen nimenmuutoksesta ja uusi nimi, Aalto Business Technology ry (Aalto BT), muuttui yhdistyksen viralliseksi nimeksi 19.7. Nimenvaihdoksen myötä myös järjestön visuaalinen ilme muuttuu, mutta toimintamme ei.


Ajatus nimen vaihtamisesta lähti liikkeelle kun Aalto-yliopiston kauppakorkeakoulu ilmoitti uudesta Business Analytics -maisteriohjelmasta, joka sijoitettaisiin Tieto- ja palvelujohtamisen laitoksen alle. Ohjelman sisällön oli määrä olla hyvin lähellä ISM:n ohjelman opintoja, joten ainejärjestö piti loogisena että uudet BA-opiskelijat otettaisiin saman ainejärjestön alle. Koimme kuitenkin että ainejärjestö, joka kantaa vain toisen ohjelman nimeä, ei ole pitkällä tähtäimellä kutsuva uuden ohjelman opiskelijoille. Haluamme, että uuden ohjelman opiskelijat kokevat olevansa tervetulleita yhteisöön ja näin nimeä vaihtamalla huomioimme muutoksen.

Halusimme nimen joka yhtä aikaa kuvaa kahta pääainettamme ja on yksinkertainen, mutta ei kuitenkaan liity suoraan kummankaan koulutusohjelmien nimiin. Tämä siksi, että toivomme uuden nimen vihdoin jäävän säilyväksi nimeksi. Aalto Business Technology ry on myös historiallisesti looginen nimi, sillä olihan ainejärjestön alkuperäinen nimi KY-Piste ry vuosina 2007-2016, joka tuli suoraan silloisesta koulutusohjelman Business Technology -nimestä.


Ainejärjestömme nimi ja brändi muuttuvat, mutta toimintamme ei. Järjestämme edelleen aktiivisesti tapahtumia ja toimintaa ISM:n opiskelijoita ajatellen ja edustamme heidän etuaan akateemisesti. Tästä syksystä 2022 alkaen sama toiminta ulottuu myös uusille BA:n opiskelijoihin uuden koulutusohjelman aloittaessa. Perinteiset tapahtumat kuten Novemberfest ja Career Evening säilyvät edelleen. Ainejärjestön visuaalinen ilme muuttuu hillitymmäksi ja edustaa paremmin opintojen yhteyttä teknologiaan ja dataan.

Toivomme, että niin nimen kuin visuaalisen ilmeen uudistukset ilahduttavat teitä yhtä paljon kuin ne ovat meitä ilahduttaneet niitä suunnitellessa ja toteuttaessa.

Uudistuneet kanavamme: 
BT Chat, BT Jobs ja BT Events Telegramissa

-Aalto BT:n hallitus 2022

Hi student/affiliate/corporate partner/alumnus!

Aalto Information and Service Management ry (Aalto ISM) voted in their last spring meeting 6.4. about changing the association’s name and the new name, Aalto Business Technology ry (Aalto BT), has been approved as the official name on 19.7. Following the name change also the visual look is changing, but our operating goals are not.


The idea for changing the name came up when Aalto University School of Business announced the new Business Analytics -master’s program that would be placed under the Faculty of Information and Service Management. The program was explained to be very similar to ISM studies so the subject club considered it logical that the new BA-students would be joined under the same subject club. However, we thought that a subject club that is named by only the other program is not inviting for the new program’s students in the long term. We want the students of the new program to feel welcome into our community and thus by changing our name we are recognising them.

Our wish was to have a name that simultaneously relates to both of the majors and is simple, but doesn’t directly match the names of either of the programs. This is because we want the new name to finally stick. Aalto Business Technology ry is also a historically logical name as the subject club used to be called KY-Piste ry in the years 2007-2016, which came from the Business Technology -program’s name back then.


Our subject club’s name and brand change, but our operations don’t. We are still actively organising events and activities for ISM students as well as representing their academic interests. Starting this fall 2022, the same goes for the new BA students too as the new program begins. The traditional events such as Novemberfest and Career Evening are still continued. The visual look of the subject clubs becomes more subtle and represents the connection with technology and data better.

We hope that the changes in the name and visual look bring you as much joy as they have us when we’ve been planning and executing them.

Our renewed channels: 
BT Chat, BT Jobs and BT Events on Telegram

-Aalto BT Board of 2022

Aalto ISM’s Search for Event Coordinator

Do you have a passion for events? Now is the time of your life. 🎉

This position offers you a unique opportunity to give back to your student community, creaty amazing experiences for your fellow students, meet incredible people, make great memories and work with an enthusiastic team. Aalto ISM is looking for an events coordinator until the end of the year 2022 after the previous event coordinator resigned from their duties.

The event concepts and dates for fall are already set so no need to reinvent the wheel but of course your input and ideas are welcome! Previous experience from organising events or attending ISM events is not required. This is especially great opportunity for a new ISM student or if you’ve been to exchange last spring! And who knows, if you were considering applying to the board for next year, maybe this brings you advantage in the elections.

The rest of the board is here to support you in your duties and help with the organisation so don’t worry about the workload. All other board members are also working besides studies and board work so we understand if sometimes you’re busier and lack time! 💚

If you’re interested please apply by 31.7. here. The event coordinator will be elected in a general meeting in the beginning of August. Your role starts right after the general meeting and the first event to organise is in September.

If you are still unsure whether to apply, you can message last year’s EC and current senior advisor Nico in Telegram @nbyman or chairperson Janina @janinapaasila. 📩

Wellbeing Survey 2022 Results

The Wellbeing Survey results report is here! The survey was conducted in April 2022. Mainly it seems that wellbeing has increased slightly from a year ago but is still not at a great level. Main issues seem to be lack of motivation and anxiety about moving back to on campus teaching. Read more detailed insights from the file.

Teacher of the Year 2022

The ISM teacher of the year 2022 is Katri Kauppi, congratulations!

Katri Kauppi is the director of ISM Bachelor’s Programme and additionally teaches sustainable supply chains and logistics courses. Teacher of the year is selected based on a survey conducted among Aalto ISM’s members every spring.

Aalto University Tuotantotalous kurssi position

Dear Aalto ISM students!

This is directed to those who have completed the Tuotantotalous course with Max Finne and are looking for a part-time role within Aalto University!


The Tuotantotalous course is looking to overhaul the current Pearson education system and transition to Mycourses. As such, Aalto is searching for a student who has experience with both Pearson and Mycourses systems to work on a project to perform the migration operation.

The position would be a part-time flexible position beginning either during the summer or the fall and would most suit a candidate looking to work alongside their studies.


The ideal student will possess these qualities:

A strong knowledge of Mycourses and how to use it effectively
Strong familiarity with the Pearson tools
Ability to work independently and alongside faculty to complete the project
Finnish Language Fluency


You will be welcomed into a relaxed and comfortable workplace within the Aalto community where you can use your knowledge of studies to make a lasting impact on the way teaching is delivered to your peers and future tuotantotalous students. You will also earn a salary and gain valuable experience in project work.


If this sounds like something that you would be interested in, gather the following documents together and email them to

1. Your CV

2. Which year you completed the tuotantotalous course

3. A single A4 page or less outlining when you would be able to begin the project, how it will fit into your current schedule, and what your motivation for the project is.

If you have any questions about applying, please send an email to

Afterwork with EY Consulting

Come join our Afterwork with EY Consulting on Tuesday May 31st! There you will get to participate in a case solving workshop, get tips for cases and interviews and get more familiar with EY Consulting! 

In this event, you get to learn more about how to approach case problems and strengthen your creative thinking in a team-work setting. There will also be EY consultants giving you tips tricks on solving business cases and giving valuable insights about our culture and recruiting in a casual setting. 

Event will be hosted at the 4th floor of our office, in a TestLab which will give you a sneak peek to our new office opening in the summer 2023.

Please register to our afterwork using the form below. You can join either on your own or can collect a group of max 4. One registration per group is enough! 

Note that there are limited seats to this event, so make sure to register using this link by Wednesday May 25th at the latest!

WHAT? Afterwork with a case solving workshop and casual networking including drinks and dinner.
WHERE? EY Helsinki Office @Alvar Aallon katu 5C, 00100 Helsinki
WHEN? Official part 17-19.30
WHO? Students interested in a career in consulting
WHY? Because Amazing EY Experience – It’s yours to build!

Bain Beyond Business 2022

On August 18-20, we’ll gather a group of ingenious students from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden for an unforgettable weekend of impactful problem solving, meaningful relationship building and a taste of Bain.

Date: August 18-20, 2022

Location: Hornbækhus, Denmark

Calling all Nordic students in their 3rd-5th year with a passion for biodiversity and problem solving – you don’t want to miss this opportunity. For the first ever Bain Beyond Business weekend, we’ll be working on a real-life case with none other than Arla Foods, helping them to come up with an ambitious biodiversity strategy. This will not only develop your toolbox but also give you a real taste of what it’s like to solve complex problems for industry leaders. Throughout the weekend you’ll receive sparring, feedback and guidance from Bain consultants and our expert partner, WWF. If you’re eager to help Arla take on the biodiversity crisis, make sure to apply for this amazing opportunity.

For more information about the event and how to apply, submit your registration here by May 22 with your CV, study transcripts and short motivational letter. All costs will be covered by Bain.

Any questions? Please reach out to us at

We look forward to seeing you.

Best wishes,

Bain & Company

Student and Internship Opportunities at Accenture

Are you a student or soon-to-be graduate ready to find their path? How does an interesting and dynamic role in strategy, technology, security or design sound to you? Apply for an internship with us and you’ll find out!

Your career is about what you want to be and who you want to be. It’s about bringing your skills, your curiosity and your best true self to your work. Here, you’ll match your ingenuity with the latest technology to make incredible things.
Together, let’s create positive, long-lasting value.

The application period for autumn internships is open until 22.5! For more information on the roles and how to apply visit the Applications Portal at Accenture!

Hogwarts Sits Friday the 13th of May

“It does not do to dwell on dreams, and forget to live.” – Albus Dumbledore


Merlin’s beard! The day you have been dreaming for is coming to life, finally you can escape those unpleasant Dursleys and join us at Hogwarts! So pack away your inkwells and quills, don your most magical robes, and pull out your wands because a magical night of Hogwarts themed sitsit is ahead!

Bring your goblets for some butter beers, fountains of magical potions, and traditional goblin songs. However, please keep in mind the forbidden forest is strictly off-limits!

We will have an award for the best costume, and we encourage you to not only dress as Harry Potter to avoid a Battle of The Seven Potters scenario, but also choose some other characters.

WHAT: Hogwarts-sits
WHEN: Friday the 13th at 1800 onwards
WHO: All ISM students looking to attend Hogwarts. Program will be held in English with a mix of songs as usual.
WHERE: Saha (Konemiehentie 1, 02150 Espoo)
DRESS CODE: Hogwarts themed + overalls.
Price: 15€
FB Event: Found here
Sign up Link: Here!

ISM exclusive sign up ends Monday! So go and fill those forms!

Aalto ISM doesn’t tolerate any kind of inappropriate or disruptive behavior. All participants are expected to assume responsibility and promote safety at the event, as well as intervene if any inappropriate or disruptive behaviour occurs, or to report it to one of our harassment contact persons immediately. If you wish to remain anonymous use an email account not associated to your name.

Janina Paasila
TG: Janinapaasila

Miku Blinnikka
TG: Mikachu7five11