Master’s Thesis opportunity with the Municipality of Sipoo

Hey Master’s student, want to solve a real challenge as a part of a team through your Master’s thesis?

Aalto Thesis programme has application open for the Municipality of Sipoo’s project Digitaalista palvelumuotoilua työllisyyden tueksiHow to clarify the complex unemployment support services and define its customer groups through digital service design? Tackle the challenge in a team of 3 multidisciplinary students, finish your Master’s thesis in 6 months starting from May, and receive a grant of 5 000 €. We are especially looking for a business perspective, so make sure to apply before Thursday, 9 April at 21! The project’s language is FinnishRead more and apply here!

Aalto Thesis in a nutshell: We are a programme for doing project-based and multidisciplinary Master’s theses as a part of a team and with work-life collaboration. We have done projects with e.g. HoasFinnish Digital Service Agencythe City of Espoo, and Valio. Please, check out our For the Student page for more info, or contact Aalto Thesis Coordinator Silva Saulio!