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ISM Alumni stories

Information and Service Management (Tieto- ja palvelujohtaminen) graduates are pretty happy about the choice they made. 100% of graduates would recommend it to their friends, 96% think their studies equipped them sufficiently for working life and 100% are satisfied with their degree in terms of employment.

Read about what makes ISM such a great major below.

Students and Graduates of Information and Service Management

Highlights from student and graduate stories.

In my opinion, the Information and Service Management program provides students a perfect mix of business and technical skills.

Eleonora Nazander

ISM is the program that emphasizes developing information-based skills and provides the most direct route for business students to become a data analyst.

Le Thuy

ISM combines business and tech effectively, which is something companies really like right now and probably even more in the future.

Jesse Rajala

I realized how technology is a driving force for development in society, but tech also needs business to reach its full potential and impact.

Jani Kurki

Alumnus of ISM: Jesse Rajala

After finishing his Bachelor of Business Administration at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Science and working for a few years, Jesse Rajala realized he wanted to …
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Alumna of ISM: Le Thuy

We would like to introduce an Aalto ISM Alumna! Our third story is about Le Thuy, who works at August Associates. Are you ready to …
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Alumnus of ISM: Samuli Kesseli

1. Would you shortly introduce yourself? My name is Samuli Kesseli and I’m currently in my first year of the ISM master’s program in Aalto University. …
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Student of ISM: Jani Kurki

Would you shortly introduce yourself? I’m Jani Kurki, a 26-year-old student at Aalto School of Business majoring in Information and Service Management (ISM) and minoring in …
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Students of ISM: Katja Toropainen

The department of Information and Service Management is running stories about its students, and recently posted about Katja Toropainen, Founder of Inklusiiv and former Chief …
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Why you should study Information and Service Management

Great courses

The direct work-life applicability of skills gained during ISM courses makes ISM courses interesting and highly motivating.

Great compensation

Data is the new oil and ISM creates data fluent people. This is visible in ISM graduates salary, which is among the top majors in yearly business school graduate surveys year through year.

Relaxed atmosphere

Hate suits? Love suits? You can choose. The IT sector welcomes people regardless of their style choices.

Interesting career

ISM gives a skillset that can be taken anywhere in the world to solve any business case.

Respected major

Employment among ISM graduates at the time of graduation is 95% and the majority of ISM students have a long career already even before graduating.

Skills that stand the test of time

Automation making you nervous? Become an expert in the sector making other sectors smaller.