Wanted: Teaching Assistants for CS Courses for Autumn 2021

The Autumn 2021 semester will be coming, and we’ll be needing new workforce on board. If you’re interested in Computer Science courses, and have a passion for working with peers, we invite you to apply for a teaching assistant position.

Interested? Check out Teaching Assistant Pool for more information and for applying. Apply now! Deadline is April 12, 2021.

In addition, some of the autumn term courses have a more detailed description of the job on page Job advertisements. The contact persons are happy to give you more information by email. Courses participating in this joint job call are:

  • CS-A1110 Ohjelmointi 1 / Programming 1
  • CS-A1111 Ohjelmoinnin peruskurssi Y1
  • CS-A1113 Basics of programming Y1
  • CS-A1140 Data Structures and Algorithms
  • CS-A1141 Tietorakenteet ja algoritmit Y
  • CS-A1143 Data Structures and Algorithms Y
  • CS-C2100 Ohjelmointistudio 1
  • CS-C3140 Operating Systems
  • CS-C3170 Web Software Development
  • CS-C3190 Principles of Algorithmic Technique
  • CS-Exxxx Experimental Design and Modeling of Human Behavior
  • CS-E4110 Concurrent Programming
  • CS-E4400 Design of WWW Services
  • CS-E4650 Methods of Data Mining
  • CS-E4710 Machine Learning: Supervised Methods
  • CS-E4900 User-Centered Methods for Product and Service Design
  • CS-E4960 Software Testing and Quality Assurance
  • CS-E5710 Bayesian Data Analysis
  • CS-E5860 Computational Genomics.

More detailed description of the assistants’ tasks is on a separate page.

Moreover, we are constantly seeking personnel for longer periods than just one term. Actually, some of the positions can be filled starting already this summer and continue after the course has ended. If you are interested in such work, see also the CS department’s webpages.

Problems with applying? Contact: Sanna Suoranta (firstname.lastname@aalto.fi).